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Venkateshwar Global School

We, the Venkateshwar Global School, Rohini, started in the year 2008, and today, we are recognized for our formidable reputation in the field of education. With an awe inspiring, majestic building, air-conditioned classrooms and tranquil, child friendly environment, the Venkateshwar Global School is a welcoming threshold for tender minds; a place abuzz with happy sounds where young minds are nurtured and shaped to become productive global citizens with distinct personalities grounded in humanitarian values. Our pedagogical endeavours are aimed at equipping our learners with the requisite skill sets to meet the challenges of the rapid changes in a rapidly changing society.

"The VGS aims to nurture happy, sensitive and responsible personalities with abilities to think critically and solve problems creatively; dynamic leaders imbued with humanitarian values and the wonderful essence of Indian traditions and culture."

It is our mission to ensure that:

the learning gets personalized, and students get ample exposure and opportunities to realize their inherent potentials.

the learners get a stimulating environment that makes them curious to know; analyze, synthesize and reflect on the acquired knowledge; and develop heightened mental frameworks.

the learners grow into skillfull and thinking individuals, ready to adapt to the rapid changes in the rapidly changing world.

the learners are ethically upright and understand their responsibilities towards themselves, their families, their surroundings, their country and the planet.

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VGS Rohini