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Venkateshwar Global School

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Safety & Security


Venkateshwar Global School follows the COVID-19 SOP very meticulously and all the staff has been trained to ensure that each and every person in the school premises is following Coivd-19 SOP and violation if any may be reported immediately to Floor in charges/Admin Officer/HOS/Principal of the School.

School is following the said COVID Protocols:

  • 1. The students for offline study will be called as per the direction issued by Directorate of Education and permitted by DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Authority).
  • 2. The capacity of Classroom shall not be utilized more than 50% at a time to ensure distancing as per Covid-19 appropriate behavior.
  • 3. No students will be called from the containment Zone.
  • 4. Students shall be called with due consent from the parents i.e. written consent by the parents.
  • 5. No guests are permitted during School hours.
  • 6. Sanitization of the premises shall be made on a daily basis with sanitizers, disinfectants and soaps.
  • 7. Thermal screening and sanitizer are to be equipped at all the entry gates. No entry shall be given to the person with high body temperature i.e. above 98.6 Fahrenheit.
  • 8. Wearing a mask is compulsory along with social distancing norms will be followed by all staff and students as per the guidelines. Stock of disposable masks and sanitizer is to be maintained at the gates and office of all in charge.
  • 9. All the staff should be vaccinated with at least one dose and school shall endeavor that all the employees are administered with both the vaccine dose on highest priority. No entry shall be given to any person without a vaccine.
  • 10. Mobile phones of the employees/guests are to be checked for Aarogya Setu App to know the status of the person. No entry shall be given to a person without Aarogya Setu App.
  • 11. Sharing of belonging items by the students is not permitted.
  • 12. Isolation Room with bed has to be provided before starting of the School.
  • 13. All the staff must be addressed to follow Covid appropriate behavior.
  • GPS and A/C Enabled Fleet
  • CCTV Surveillance

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